10 things to keep in mind when you are hiring a portrait photographer

A portrait is a way of showing the characteristics of a person, through a painting, a sculpture, a drawing or a photograph. A good portrait can be a work to decorate your spaces, it can also be a good gift you give to a loved one, but above all it is an incredible way to remember and immortalize a person.
Among the options you can find, the simplest and most faithful is to hire a portrait photographer, specialized in capturing with his lens the soul of the person.
When we consider highlighting some characteristic of a person through a portrait photograph, there are many things to keep in mind. For example, the specifications of the portrait you want, the location in which the photos will be made, the size in which you want the photos, if you will get the whole body in the portrait or if it will be a closeup.

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So to get a result that fits what you want, put your attention on these 10 important things to keep in mind when you hire a portrait photographer:

1. Know the previous work of the portrait photographer

Make a list of possible candidates to be your photographer, ask your friends for references. Look for works previously done by the candidates, review in detail their experiences with portraits.

2. Make sure you really like the photographer's style

It is indispensable that, when you see his portraits, you feel that you prefer him over other photographers, that you identify with his work and that you are enthusiastic about seeing his work for you.

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3. Meet the selected portrait photographer before starting the photography session

Interview in person with the photographer before hiring him, because it is important to ensure that there is empathy or understanding between you both, as this will allow the successful achievement of the photos you want to have as a product of the session.

4. Set the place, date and time of the photo session together with the photographer

It is different if the location is outdoors or in a confined space, be it a studio, a museum or your home. You have to know if you want daylight or the complicity of night and the use of artificial light. If you need a stage, decoration or a backdrop. All these elements must be predefined and both, the portrait protagonist and the photographer, must establish when they can coincide for the session.

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5. Define with the photographer how you want the portrait to be made

We must talk about the specific characteristics of the portrait: size of the photos, framing, light, shadow, focus, poses, figure and background, among other things.

6. Agree with the portrait photographer on the number of photos to be takenmade

Usually, the amount of photos that will be taken depends on the purpose of the portrait and what you want to use it for. The photographer can suggest the appropriate number of shots for what you need. Then you will have to choose which photos will be printed, which will remain in digital format and which were definitely discarded.

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7. Make sure the costs of the photographer's work fit your budget

The price of the photo session must include everything necessary for both pre-production and post-production of the photos, as well as what has been agreed in relation to printed photos and presentation sizes as well as digital photos and their delivery devices.

8. Determine with the portrait photographer how long the photo session will last.

According to the location and its characteristics, as well as the amount of photos that will be taken, the duration of the session can be determined, considering the elements that need to be prepared before and after the photo session.

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9. Listen to the recommendations made by the portrait photographer

It is always important to value the experience of the experts and when considering the observations or advice given by the photographer, the higher the quality of the result. So once the photo shoot has started, let it flow and enjoy the event.

10. Write down any agreements you make with the portrait photographer about the work.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is extremely important that everything agreed is in writing, as well as that each of the parties has the details of the other so they can be located, refine details or resolve any inconvenience that arises. Then make sure that the agreements of the previous points are in writing.

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In summary, taking care of these 10 important things to keep in mind when hiring a portrait photographer will allow you to have an appropriate photographic portrait, adjusted to what you thought would be your dream portrait.

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