8 reasons why an actor/actress needs a good book

If an actor or actress considers himself or herself a professional, they must have a good book. It’s the cover letter, the first impression that casting directors, talent agencies, producers and representatives will get. Therefore, it is a good decision to invest in a book made by a photographer who has experience working with actors.

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Here are eight reasons why an actor/actress needs a good book

1. To call the attention from the first moment

An actor/actress needs a good book to get the casting director’s attention from the very first moment. A good book will awaken interest and curiosity to learn more about their work.
In such a competitive environment, a good book will increase the chances that the actor/actress’s resume and showreel will be evaluated.

2. The value of professionalism

People’s time is extremely valuable. No one wants to waste it by looking at a book made of photographs taken with a phone. At first glance, it is surely discarded and the actor/actress is catalogued as amateur or, worse than that, as unprofessional. It is a label that is difficult to remove in the artistic medium. Not falling into it is a good reason why it is convenient to work hard to have a good book.

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3. More opportunities to get the paper

By looking at the book, the casting director gets a good idea of whether the candidate fits the profile he is looking for the role.
Hiring a photographer who specializes in actors assures the actor/actress photos that clearly expose the face and body.
An actor/actress needs a good book for his photos to convey naturalness in different expressions and poses captured in close-ups and media shots.
A quality work contains pictures that take care of the framing; they do not have around them elements that distract, nor angles that obscure the face of the actor/actress. A good book focuses only on the actor/actress, not on the environment, so it is not necessary to go outside to do the session. A neutral atmosphere in the studio is enough to achieve the objective.

4. Show the actor/actress as they are

An actor photographer is able to present the actor/actress as he or she is, with no noticeable differences between the real image and that of the photos.
The casting director is interested in knowing the candidate for the role as it is, in appearance and age. It is better to avoid the evaluator being surprised to see photos that do not correspond to the real state of the performer.
As people’s physical appearance changes over time, it is recommended to renew the book every six months or every year. If there is a significant change of look, another one should be made immediately.

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5. Book of actors, not models

Another reason an actor/actress needs a good book is to be able to count on photographs that do not present him/her as a model.
Even if the photographer has been carefully chosen, the actor/actress must tell what he or she wants reflected in the photos. With both parties in tune, the session flows in a way that does not repeat postures or exaggerate gestures. If there is no empathy with the photographer, perhaps it is better to find another one, because if you feel uncomfortable the result may not be as expected.
It is necessary to take care of the wardrobe, that is not extravagant nor of showy colors, and the makeup that is not excessive. Accessories and costumes are superfluous, and the hairstyle must be simple and not cover the face. The idea is to get a good actor/actress book, not one where the person looks like a model.

6. The best photos of the actor/actress

Investing in a book made by a professional guarantees that the actor/actress has at his disposal the images that best project his appearance.
You will avoid having to choose between the many photos that are taken informally and with mobile cameras. It is unlikely that any of these improvised images, or those designed without quality parameters, will reflect the best aspect of the actor/actress.

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7. Transmit originality and authenticity

An actor/actress needs a good book to transmit originality, a personality that distinguishes them from the rest. They also need it to show authenticity, to make their expressions look credible in the photos, and to show that they can reproduce them when a character is incarnated.
The book includes photographs where the actor/actress exposes his virtues as an artist in a group of four to ten photos.

8. New and experienced promotion

The book is one of the main tools to promote the career of the actor/actress. It is useful both for actors starting their careers and for those who already have experience.
Presenting a book is like doing a preliminary audition for a role. It will open or close doors. This is why it is necessary for the actor/actress to hire the best possible professional to make the book, according to his or her budget.

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