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Our Top Missions

  1. To announce the world’s best portrait photographers.
  2. To offer an easy and quick service to help customers find their ideal photographer.
  3. To facilitate the connection between demanding customers and talented professionals.
  4. To bring customers’ cultural vision up and help them differentiate the quality and the artistic vision of portrait photography.
  5. To put in touch photographers of portrait around the world and to create a community of colleagues who bring this industry up.
  6. To promote the collaborative and helpful spirit among all the photographers of the community.
  7. To offer a training platform for photographers to continue on their evolution as professionals.
  8. To reward the most original and talented photographers of the community.
  9. To enlarge our member’s business, obtaining more and better customers.
  10. To give portrait photography and its professionals a value.
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About Us

What is Portrait Live?

Portrait live is an organization that gathers the world’s best portrait photographers.

Portrait Live is designed to help customers who are looking for a good portrait photographer to find the best professionals highlighted by their quality. When you hire a photographer selected by Portrait Live, you can be certain that you are employing one of the brightest artists in this area of photography.

Each photographer picked by Portrait Live has proved his talent and has obtained the respect of the photography industry. Photographers taking part in this community fulfil a range of requirements in order to be accepted as members of it.

Why you should hire a photographer member of Portrait Live?

There is an infinite number of photographers who make portraits in the world. However, you should know that a good portrait is much more than a simple well-lighted photography made with a great camera. A portrait tells a lot about you, your personality and your soul. A good portrait photographer must be a great artist who is able to incorporate into the photography his own differentiated and particular vision.

You can be assured that all the photographers you would find here are the world’s most talented artists and either of them, each with his unique style, would see in you what no one sees.

Photographers from Portrait Live have been selected by diverse quality criteria, experience, originality, talent and professionalism. You would have the confidence of hiring one of the best photographers.

Are you looking for your ideal portrait photographer?

If you are a photographer of portraits and you want to be part in portrait live, Here are some other things you should know.

For Portrait Photographers

Which are the benefits of being a member of Portrait Live?

Customers who are looking for a photographer of portraits in this directory are demanding since they want to employ one of the best. You could opt to be hired by these customers.

Customers would hire you directly by a link to your webpage. We are just your showcase.

You could show your best pictures in a personal portfolio, which can be modified whenever you want from your personal area.

You will be more visible on the internet and you can show your new works and projects on the blog of Portrait Live.

You could opt to Portrait Live’s awards held regularly.

You would have access to specialized training which has been developed by the best professionals. It will permit your growth as a photographer of portraits.

You will belong to a great community with the aim of dignify and bring the great art of photography of portraits up.

You will bring customers’ visual culture up, helping them to differentiate talent and quality.

Which are the selection criteria to take part in Portrait Live?

QUALITY: photographers might send their webpages to be revised by other members of Portrait Live and hence, they can analyse their artistic talent and the quality of their work. The photographer’s portfolio may reflect at least 20 photographs made to different clients.

ORIGINLITY: each member of Portrait Live may prove his originality, different and unique vision upon the portraits he produces. We think that the portrait is one of the areas of photography in which art must be present, and art have to be always original.

REFERENCES: in order to get into this community, the photographer must be godfather by another member of Portrait Live. Although there is also a possibility of being selected directly by the team of Portrait Live, without the necessity of sponsorship.


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