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ANDY GOTTS has been a celebrity photographer for 30 years. With the motto that ‘photography is 80%
luck, 10% talent and 10% champagne with a portfolio full of rude jokes’ I am pretty sure there are another 30
years shooting left to come. Gotts’s unique way of photographing the most famous faces in the world in a
raw unedited style, has elevated him to become one of the current most sought-after photographers. His
clients include; George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp to Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Scarlett
Johansson. From Ozzy Osbourne to Dolly Parton. From BB King to Coldplay. From Kate Moss to Twiggy.

Gotts shoots in a very relaxed way, with no assistants milling around, no hair/makeup/grooming to slow the
process down. Just music, champagne and laughs. This is how he achieves to bring out the ‘real’ person
behind the famous name. He even famously managed to encourage Harrison Ford to become quirky for his
lens and also capture an iconic shot of ‘Sirs’ Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart clowning around.

Gotts’s most noted achievements to date includes BAFTA – BEHIND THE MASK, which is a collection of
portraits of every actor who has won a BAFTA. DEGREES, which was a nine-year project photographing a
chain of celebrity ‘who known who’ of Hollywood. Monty Python: The Reunion, Gotts was the only official
photographer (and honorary Python) who photographed the very last time Python performed together over
five nights at the O2. Currently Gotts is finishing up a magnum opus for Elton John entitled ‘iCons’.

A former President of the British Institute of Professional Photographers; recipient of the Fox Talbot Award
for excellence in photography; received an MBE for his contribution to photography from the Queen.

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