How to choose your ideal portrait photographer?

Many times we ask ourselves what is behind those photographs that faithfully show what is in the environment, or what it is that allows a photographer to highlight the best characteristics of a person and, consequently, achieve an excellent picture.

The answer is in the hands of the photographer. It is important to emphasize that we are not referring to the photographic equipment with which the photograph is taken, which is also important, but that it is the photographer who has the knowledge and sharp eye to take advantage of the picture, the shot, the moment, the light, the angle, and others.

The photographer uses his knowledge and tools and applies them at any time, capturing that which ordinary people are not able to see.

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Locate the perfect person

If you are looking for a specialist person you should know well what is your interest and the objective of getting a portrait photographer. First, let’s know the difference between two terms, because a photograph is not the same as a portrait.

A portrait is the faithful image in which the soul of the person being portrayed is captured, that is, from the sincere smile and not posed, to the reflection of their eyes, what the look of the person portrayed transmits. If it is a portrait of children, for example, the portrait has to reflect the main characteristic of a young person, such as innocence.

Photography, on the other hand, although of very good quality, will reflect the good technique, the good eye for elements such as light, angle, plane, framing, etc.

This, essentially, is the difference between portrait and photography, the essence of what the image communicates, which must speak for itself, and although it seems silly to say it, the truth is that not everyone has the knowledge and skills to make a portrait of a photograph.

Portraitist or photographer?

However, a photographer who specializes in portraits is a portraitist, rather than a photographer. Although the line that divides the two concepts is very thin, the difference is in the picture.

Therefore, to speak of a portrait or a portraitist is to refer to a discipline that encompasses many other concepts, and is a specialized part of photography.
In the portraits is captured the personality of both, those who stand in front of the lens and those who have the camera in their hands; the empathy with the lens, the affinity with their work, the specialized eye to capture the best moment and the wisdom to activate the shutter at the right moment.

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What to consider to have the best portrait photographer?

If you want the best portrait photographer, you have to think about these aspects with which you will hit the target to get it:

Identify for what you want the portrait:

– If you want to illustrate your curriculum with a portrait made by a professional, or if you want it for a specific interview with which you want to transmit that part of yourself that is not included in the text.

– You should also consider if you want the portrait to create a portfolio with which you will offer yourself as an actor, with which you will accompany your biography.
A portrait may also form part of your personal image and be shared on your social networks, giving your followers a better idea of your personality and your work.

– Finally, you may simply want a portrait of yourself or your family at for immortalize this moment in your life.

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Consider the style of the portraitist.

This is relevant, because everyone has a particular style. If you already know the purpose for which you want the portrait, then locate the portrait photographer who best suits that intention. Since the market is wide and portrait photographers specialize according to their style, this makes up their personal seal and differentiates them from other professionals.
There are portrait photographers: artistic, romantic, erotic, corporative, religious, etc. There are also photographers and portrait artists specialized in particulars areas:
– Those who stand out for their work in black and white
– Those who understand fashion and illustrate complete catalogs, or their art is seen in banners and gigantographies.
– Portrait photographers who bring out the best in a child’s expression
– Studio portrait artists with all the elements at their disposal to achieve a striking picture

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Elements that must be present in the portrait

If the idea is to make a family portrait that is not in what people commonly do, then place those professionals who have the grace to situate family members in a certain space, with certain poses, or simply naturally.

Remember that, of all types of photography, it is the portrait that absorbs and projects the essence, characteristics, features, feelings, mood and even the thought of the person portrayed.

Keep in mind that in portrait photography there are differences such as planes, which can be american, medium planes, foreground, close up and the plane of detail.

There is also another element that makes a difference in the final work or art, such as light, which can be faint, shiny, front, fill, side, background, segmented, blurred, partial, and contrasting.

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Some tips to find the portrait photographer of your interest

To locate a professional photographer to make a portrait of you, remember that if the portrait will be yours, there is an element such as composition, which is the way objects are placed within a frame.

In photography, composition is the wisdom of locating all the elements that surround the lens to make the image more attractive to the viewer’s eyes.

A portrait should not be a close-up of the face, but can be made with a more subtle, open plane, estimating that the portrait remains the center of the composition and where it mixes what the portraitist sees with what the rest of the people can see.

Keep in mind that the personality of the portrait will be reflected in art, making it easier to capture the essence of those subjects of strong personality, confident or who have suffered difficult moments in their lives, which will be expressed in the portrait if taken by a photographer specializing in this genre.

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