Tips for start making portraits on your travels

Having a register of the places we visit when we are on vacation, getting to know new places, is a recurring idea of many travelers, tourists and lovers of photography. Taking portraits of travels is a way of remember moments and places to which we probably won't return, because we always want to see new places. Nowadays, smart cameras and devices offer multiple options to make amazing shots. It's the same with programs and applications that allow us to improve pictures, store them and share them. Everything we need to obtain spectacular photographs. Here we give you a series of simple tips that will help you get a beautiful photographic record of the places you visit inside and outside your country.

Tips for obtaining memorable portraits during your travels

Portrait by Spencer Montero - Portrait Live Member
Portrait by Spencer Montero - Portrait Live Member
Portrait by Spencer Montero - Portrait Live Member

Planning as a way of organizing

First of all, plan your trip, find out what activities have been organized in the places you will visit, such as festivals and celebrations.

For example, before you travel, look for possible events, music festivals, gastronomic festivals, etc., that will happen during the days of your visit. Imagine that you are going to Italy in August, just when the Tuscany Sun Festival, the Quintana Festival, the Ceramic Festival, the Candle Festival, and many others are being organized.

So, it’s best to be well informed and put that camera within range to start your own portrait festival.

Portrait by Spencer Montero - Portrait Live Member

Unforgettable portraits

Before embarking on the journey of photographically recording trips, you must choose the right equipment. That is to say, the one that is to the size of the exigencies, that is comfortable to carry and that guarantees the quality of the takes.
Although you have the eye to capture the moment, the camera is the tool that will help you capture that moment, even the emotion you feel when you press the shutter.
Wherever you are, pay attention to the light. It’s always better to shoot in natural light, but if the case requires it, use the flash to ensure a sharp shot where the details of the frame are distinguished.
Although you may have the possibility of clarifying the photo, try not to take photographs against the light, because details are lost or, when we look closely, we discover that we leave with our eyes closed, there are objects that we do not like, the frame was not adequate or the composition is poor, and so on.
If the idea is to tell stories through photographs, don’t forget to write down the names of the places, the important dates of construction (if they are monuments, temples, squares), and the data with the information so that the memory is complete and remains alive in the memory.
If they are postcard type photos, those that are everywhere and that you should not lose to take, then go out in them to show that it really is a photograph of you and that you were on the site. There are millions of shots of the Eiffel Tower, for example, but the ideal is the one where you come out, with your emotion and your happy face.
The idea is to transmit through the portraits all the emotions, the moments of joy, of surprise, of tranquility, calm, enjoyment and even tiredness after the days of walking through cities or new places for our eyes.

Portrait by Spencer Montero - Portrait Live Member

Getting to know the local culture

When we visit a city or town we are always interested in learning about its culture, customs, gastronomy and identity. Those details that speak more about people beyond what appears in tourist flyers are data that interest us for our travel portraits.

It is also advisable when making a holiday trip, look for a guide, especially if we need help with the language, not to miss the details of the visits, stories, anecdotes, which will always enrich our memories.

When you go to those places that deserve a photo, but there is no time for any eventuality, do not limit yourself, wait patiently and come closer to take the picture. However, try to go unnoticed, without interrupting or bothering those who are part of the composition you want to do.

Most people miss the ideal moment to take a picture, either out of fear, insecurity or shyness to ask permission and shoot the camera. Don’t miss the moment, go for it and take the shot you want so much to have for the memory.

Respect the customs of the place, obey signs, limitations and prohibitions of the places you visit.

Do not use the camera in places where you disturb or interfere with rituals, or cause damage to objects on display, such as museums, temples, churches, or in concerts, plays, etc..

Make the most of the whole trip, so interact with your fellow travelers, communicate with them and the locals, look for more faithful and original information from the people of the places you visit, to have authentic testimonies to accompany your unpublished and unique shots.

Portrait by Susana Barbera - Portrait Live Member

Patience, quality assurance

Some shots require the patience of the photographer, such as when you want to photograph a sunset or a sunrise. The ideal in these cases is to wait patiently for the moment that lasts seconds.
The same thing happens when we want to portray animals. Almost never they are in the ideal place or position, the best thing is to wait to the best possible position in front of our objective.
When we are part of a group of tourists on a guided tour, usually everyone has the same shots. Try to be different and take unusual pictures.
There may be an order to do guided tours to some sites, try to find a day for you to visit those places that are not included in the plan so you can get to know beyond what is in the itinerary. Make your own journal so you can have unique photos and details that others may not have noticed.

Portrait by Susana Barbera - Portrait Live Member

Always take care of your equipment

Everywhere in the world, in some places more than others, there are people who know that tourists are often distracted because they are trying to get to know the places, they are seeing in detail what is going on around them, and they pay little attention to what they have in their hands. Don’t be a victim and try to keep the attention of those who approach you and their intention.

Portrait by Spencer Montero - Portrait Live Member

Try to be original. Make different, humorous self-portraits, identify an unusual angle, make unique compositions, try using filters, play with the frames, etc., and make sure the photo shows where in the world you took the picture, with the ideal size, angle and light.

Portrait by Spencer Montero - Portrait Live Member